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Production Manager

Position: Production Manager

Reports to: Store Leader

Why This Job Exists (Purpose):

  • Manage production (workflow)
  • First point of contact for production staff
  • Engage, train, support, and coach production staff
  • Maintain quality repair standard
  • Coordinate sublet procedures
  • Promote company culture (ethics) at production level
  • Drive store profitability
  • Ensure and maintain compliance
  • Performance management

Key Performance Indicators (KPI):

  • Level of production staff engagement
  • Store profitability
  • Production KPIs
  • GMG Envirosafe compliance
  • Quality Measurement System performance

Minimum Requirements:

  • ICAR Platinum status
  • ASE Certified
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Valid CA driver’s license and clean DMV driving record

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