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Collision Repair- Foreign And Domestic

In the unfortunate event that you are in need of our services, please “Call Us First”

F. Lofrano & Son Inc. has many years of experience in dealing with every situation that may occur from the moment your vehicle is damaged. Our goal is to make an unfortunate situation as pleasant as possible and to put a smile on your face. F. Lofrano & Son will always have your best interest in mind.

Lifetime Warranty On All Repairs

In our many years in the collision repair business, we are fully equipped to repair your damaged vehicle. At F. Lofrano and Son, properly repairing today’s ever-changing and complex vehicles is a given. We are equally equipped with the knowledge and experience to assist you with the often times complex insurance claims process. Dealing with your damaged vehicle could be stressful enough. Our able and willing staff will assist and guide you through the repair process and will keep you updated in a timely manner.

What you can expect

  • Choose the repair facility of your choice.
  • Contact your insurance company to report a claim. Be prepared to discuss the details of the accident with the claims adjuster. Gather information from the other party as well.
  • If you are having the repairs done through your insurance company, the collision repair process starts with the claim being made. You will be given a claim number which we will need to communicate with the insurance company responsible for paying for the repairs.
  • Contact the repair facility for an estimate appointment.(not applicable if the vehicle is towed).
  • An initial estimate will be prepared.
  • You may be asked to authorize a teardown of the vehicle, which means to remove some damaged parts in order to complete a more thorough repair estimate.
  • Once the initial inspection is completed you will need to authorize repairs. We will then set up a repair appointment to begin the repairs to your vehicle.
  • Parts are ordered before your scheduled arrival day.
  • The vehicle is dropped off for the repairs as previously scheduled.
  • As the insured you authorize the repairs. The insurance company will pay for the repair but does not authorize the repair of your vehicle.
  • Often times there are unknown damages that surface once the repairs are underway. We will obtain approval for the supplemental repair cost from the insurance company. You will be kept informed of the repairs throughout the process.
  • If you are responsible for payment of the repair you will be notified before we go forward with any repairs.
  • When the repair is complete you will be notified of when to pick up the vehicle.
  • You will receive a Lifetime Guarantee from F. Lofrano & Son Inc.


If your vehicle need to be towed our staff will gladly arrange that for you. If you are making an insurance claim for the damages, the tow charges are generally billed to the insurance claim.

Rental Car

We work closely with Hertz and Enterprise car rental companies. We will be happy to arrange with either of them to get you into a rental as quickly as possible and back on the road. Many insurance policies include some rental coverage for collision repair claims. Check you policy or with your agent before making arrangements for a rental car.

If you have any questions please read our frequently asked questions or feel free to call any of our locations.