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Lifetime Paint Guarantee

Terms of the Guarantee

Subject to the terms and conditions of this guarantee, F. Lofrano & Son, Inc. agrees to guarantee against specific covered defects. The guarantee is valid commencing on the date stated on the Vehicle Repair Order for as long as you own the vehicle.

If the defect is authorized as a covered defect, in accordance with the terms of the guarantee, F. Lofrano and Son, Inc. will repair the defect without charge to the customer.

Scope of the Guarantee

The Limited guarantee shall:

  • Apply only to those areas and/or surfaces directly repaired
  • Not apply to any covered defect, which is directly the result of any negligence by the customer or customer’s family, employee, agents or guests
  • Be valid, only with respect to the individual who was the owner of the vehicle at the time the original work was performed and whose name appears on the vehicle Repair Order

The guarantee is not transferable.

Limited Guarantee Covered Defects

Covered defects shall include only the following defects:

  • Peeling
  • Fading
  • Cracking
  • Color Chalking
  • Crazing
  • Moisture Blistering
  • Extensive Loss of Gloss

Covered defects does not include any other type of defect including but not limited to:

  • Rust Failures
  • Abrasions
  • Scratches
  • Failure on Flexible Plastic
  • Chemical Spoiling
  • Original Equipment Finish Failure
  • Claims made without proper documentation

Vehicle Repair Order shall mean the document F. Lofrano & Son must submit to the vehicle owner and must use to maintain the relevant repair information which includes: The name F. Lofrano & Son, Inc. and the location, date of repair, customer’s name, vehicle type, vehicle identification number, the number of the repair order and the areas originally repaired.

Lifetime Body Repair Guarantee

F. Lofrano & Son, Inc. takes great care to ensure that every repair meets its standard for quality and is performed in a professional manner. The guarantee will be valid commencing on the date indicated on the vehicle repair order for as long as you own the vehicle.

F. Lofrano & Son, Inc. will correct defects caused by its defective or improper workmanship in repairs identified on its repair order. Damage caused by any other cause, including insufficient or improper maintenance or care of the vehicle is excluded. This limited guarantee covers labor only and does not include the cost of parts, materials and/ or equipment which may or may not be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Proper Maintenance

Careful maintenance for the 60 days following the repair will assure a long lasting durable finish. Follow these simple precautionary measures and your new finish will give you maximum gloss and durability:

For the First 30 Days

Commercial car washes should be avoided Wash with cool water using a very mild household detergent Immediately rinse off bird droppings, anti-freeze, gasoline or windshield solvent if spilled on the painted surface Do not park under trees that may release sap onto the car surface.

For the First 60 Days

Wax or polish should not be used.

Claim Proceedures

In the event of a warranty claim:

The guarantee holder must submit this guarantee, the Vehicle Repair Order, and the vehicle for inspection to F. Lofrano & Son, Inc. Upon inspection and positive determination of the existence of a covered defect, the defect will be repaired by F. Lofrano & Son, Inc. free of charge to the customer.