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Most of what you read about repairing a car after a collision has to do with safety and ensuring that the vehicle is working properly, but there is more to it! In order to get a car back into its original condition, it’s necessary to take care of any cosmetic issues following a collision too! Often, that means fixing the paint job.

Why is it important to maintain your paint job?

It may not seem like the most important part of your car, but paint plays a much more important role than looking pretty. There is usually a clear coating over the paint that protects it from dust, dirt, and everyday wear from the roads. The paint protects the vehicle from the elements, preventing rust, which helps to maintain the integrity of the auto parts, and ultimately keeps the vehicle safe to drive and lasting much longer.

Will my auto insurance pay to repaint my car?

Whether or not your insurance company will pay depends on the policy you have. Following a collision, if you were not at fault in the accident, it may be covered by the other driver’s insurance company, but this depends on the specifics of your accident. Your insurance should cover the cost if you have collision coverage. If you aren’t sure, check your policy or call your insurance company.

How do I find a quality paint shop?

There are several things that can go wrong with a paint job, and it’s important to find a quality paint shop that will take care of your car and do a great job! The most common mishaps when it comes to repairing the paint are finding dust, dirt, drips, or runs in the paint, or the color doesn’t match.

● To find a shop that is great at matching paint colors, all the paint shop has to do is enter the paint tag from your car into their computer and the right color should come up – assuming they use the same brand of paint, and your car has been taken care of and the color hasn’t faded too much. You may not notice if the color close enough.

● A paint shop that rushes or fails to check the settings on the paint gun is more likely to leave runs in the paint. Make sure to check your car for runs or drips before you pay and leave the shop.

● Paint shops have much more control over dust and dirt in the paint. The most important way to prevent dust from getting in the paint is to keep a clean paint shop. Ask the paint technicians if they will clean the vehicle before painting it, and if they tape off the areas that won’t be painted – both of these can minimize the dirt that gets under the paint.