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This community of 60,000 people is an enviable place to live and work for a number of reasons.

One of the more popular ones is how accessible San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area are from here. For example, you could drive into downtown San Francisco in about 30-45 minutes, crossing the majestic Golden Gate Bridge en route, or catch a bus, which would take you into the city in about 60 minutes. Better yet, hop on a ferry, which takes you on a relaxing, scenic journey to the City by the Bay in 30-60 minutes.

However, San Rafael, CA, has plenty of attractions located within its own tight knit community.

One is the historic Mission San Rafael Arcangel, which was where Native Americans from the area went from 1817-1822 when they got sick until it became a full mission in 1822. Unfortunately, the mission gradually became ruins later in the 1800s; however, a replica of the chapel that was located there stands nearby, and the former structure’s role in the city’s formation is clear as San Rafael was built around it in the decades that followed.

Of course, there are several more contemporary attractions and events in San Rafael as well.

One is the Mill Valley Film Festival, which is held over an 11-day period every October. This notable event has helped propel the careers of quite a few filmmakers over the years, and several of the best films produced by those based in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as throughout the country and the world can be seen here every year.

San Rafael has also played quite a role in film history as George Lucas’ first feature film, “THX 1138,” was partly filmed here in 1969. Two years later, he founded Lucasfilm, which then put out such blockbuster movie series as “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones;” it was based in San Rafael from its founding to 2005.

Parts of “American Graffiti” were filmed in this community as well.

Meanwhile, locals and visitors alike looking to relax in a picturesque setting often head to China Camp State Park. Its highlights include its scenic trails and a historic shrimping village that dates to the 1880s. “Blood Alley,” a John Wayne movie, was filmed here; the village depicted a Chinese community.

Naturally, you will probably be pretty hungry after visiting all of these attractions. While San Rafael is home to several tasty places to eat, the most popular one is clearly Sol Food, a place that offers some of the best Puerto Rican food found anywhere. Sometimes the line to taste its offerings wraps around the corner.

Those on the lookout for places to work in San Rafael have a variety of places to consider. Kaiser Permanente, a managed care consortium, tops the list of employers located here while Autodesk, a software corporation, is next on the list and is the first one to be headquartered in this community. Other places that employ hundreds of people in offices located here include Comcast, the City of San Rafael, Safeway, Macy’s, Health Net and Bradley Real Estate.

Of course, this community is also very welcoming if you want to start up your own business.

Meanwhile, aspiring college students should consider attending Dominican University, which has an enrollment of 2,200 and is one of the state’s oldest schools; it was founded in 1890. The school also sponsors several NCAA Division II athletics teams, providing local sports fans with fun events to attend without needing to leave the community.